If you decide to work with a PostgreSQL-driven script app on any of your sites, you'll need adequate database storage space for it, in order to guarantee that even when your site grows, it will run properly and without disorders. Including extra products to an e-store or extra comments to a message board are only two instances of what may increase the size of your databases. In the event you use up all your space at some time, the performance could decrease or the website might not be reachable at all owing to the fact that if your storage restriction is reached, the script won't be able to keep additional content within the database - user-generated or system one. Considering that PostgreSQL is used for scalable web applications, it's very likely that when you use this type of database for your site, you'll need extra space for it as your site expands.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Hosting

A number of the Linux hosting that we provide are excellent for hosting sites that use a PostgreSQL database to work as they include unrestricted database storage space. When you use all of these packages, you will be able to set up and run any kind of PostgreSQL-driven script application and benefit from an efficient and stable website hosting service. We can afford to provide unlimited database storage because we do not run everything on one and the same server. Instead, all of the PostgreSQL databases are handled by a separate cluster, which is part of our custom-made cloud web hosting platform, so we will always supply more hard drives or entire servers to your cluster if needed. With our shared website hosting services, you will never need to worry that the growth of your sites is restricted due to the insufficient space for your databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting are suitable to host any PostgreSQL-driven script app. One of the variations between the packages is in the amount of databases and the storage for them that you get, in order to give you a choice to select the features that you truly need. For a smaller website, for instance, you won't need that many system resources, whereas for a large portal, a community forum with a great number of visitors or a webstore with plenty of products you may reap the benefits of our top-end package which has unrestricted PostgreSQL database storage space. As all of the accounts are installed on a cloud hosting platform, all of the databases run on an individual cluster and they won't share the system resources with other kinds of files. Thus, we achieve a couple of things - better performance of script sites and practically limitless database storage.